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Fitness Kickboxing

The benefits of Fitness Kickboxing are endless. No only will you look and feel better, but your heart will thank you. So whether you need to shed some extra pounds, get healthy, or just want to relieve some stress, Fitness Kickboxing is just the thing for you!

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KUT Fit in 9 Weeks

KUT is a 9-week sweat-pouring, bag-slamming fitness program guaranteed to produce results. This class alternates between Fitness Kickboxing, for a cardiovascular workout, and Power Bands, for a resistance training workout that will give you a complete body workout that burns fat, scorches your metabolism and gets you in incredible shape FAST!

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Adult Martial Arts

Martial Arts Family Fitness' Adult Martial Arts program cannot be compared to any standard exercise program. This program will challenge your ind and body as you build confidence with each new belt you earn.

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Martial Arts Family Fitness

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