January 2018

Support for Mudslide & Fire Survivors


The last few months have been very difficult for our community with the fire and mudslides. Together, we mourn for the lives and property that was lost, and our hearts go out to the affected families. Unfortunately, because of the road closures, many people's jobs and businesses are in jeopardy. We're not out of the [...]

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September 2017

Master Austin’s “Aha!” Moment


Something happened to me in the dojo this week. I had all my Youth students huddled up for the "mat chat"part of class and as I started speaking, I was flooded with one of the biggest and most beautiful "AHA" moments of my life, and I thought I'd share it... "My job is not to add value to these [...]

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August 2017

Nutritional Self Defense with Master Mel


4 out of 5 Americans have Leaky Gut Syndrome- a largely undiagnosed and dangerous condition which contributes greatly to autoimmune diseases Fight off illness with delicious food This article is going to serve as a quick guide to fight off one of our body's most harmful enemies: a condition called Leaky Gut. Because we have our own Certified Nutrition Coach [...]

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January 2017

How to Choose a Martial Arts School


If you are considering starting a Martial Arts program for you or your child, the information in this article is going to be incredibly helpful! Why? Because we’re going to lay out a solid criteria to help you avoid a place that might have poor instruction, contradictory morals, or sketchy business practices, to find the [...]

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“I Need to Get Fit Before I Get Started…”


We hear it all the time “I can’t start kickboxing (or martial arts) until I get in shape.” WHAT!? You wouldn’t receive your college diploma without attending your first day of school, would you? Would your professor expect that you know all about a subject at the beginning of the semester? No. You’ve just started. [...]

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November 2016

GM’s Favorite Piece of Fitness Equipment


"Nothing prepared me for the unique benefits I found with the MyZone system." The MyZone heart monitor I've been wearing a heart monitor for over 30 years but nothing prepared me for the unique benefits I found with the MyZone system. It's more than just cool The importance of the new MyZone technology is that I get [...]

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