GM’s Favorite Piece of Fitness Equipment

//GM’s Favorite Piece of Fitness Equipment

GM’s Favorite Piece of Fitness Equipment

“Nothing prepared me for the unique benefits I found with the MyZone system.”

The MyZone heart monitor

I’ve been wearing a heart monitor for over 30 years but nothing prepared me for the unique benefits I found with the MyZone system.

It’s more than just cool

The importance of the new MyZone technology is that I get to watch what my heart is doing while I work out and maximize that time. For instance, I like to do anaerobic intervals once a week. It strengthens my heart, burns fat like crazy and releases growth hormone which we all know “makes us look younger and feel better”. I can just nail this workout when I’m wearing my MyZone.

Other days of the week I use my MyZone to focus on aerobic interval training during kickboxing classes, monitoring my heart rate in bands classes and also wear it when I teach.

Keeping track

For years I’ve tried to keep track of my workouts and although I always start strong, I end up falling off after a few weeks {sometimes days}… hohum. With this new MyZone technology, I get an email after every use with a brief description of my workout. I then click on the MyZone website and write in the notes section any details I want to add. I’ve kept consistent notes now for the last year and a half and they keep me more focused on successful training.

myzone monitor

The next level

The MyZone Heart Monitor system is the best single workout piece of equipment that I’ve used in several years and I highly recommend getting one and using it when you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level.

MyZone at MAFF

Of course, we utilize MyZone at Martial Arts Family Fitness so that Kickboxers and Martial Artists alike can track their workout live during class.  It makes for a little extra fun for those who like a little competition in class.

About the Author

dave wheatonGrandmaster Dave

Teaching and training in the Martial Arts for 50 years, GM Dave is a revered Instructor, Mentor, and Coach to thousands of students across the country.  His unique approach to mind/body training empowers his students to discover excellence within themselves and tap into their greatest potential.