Master Austin’s “Aha!” Moment

//Master Austin’s “Aha!” Moment

Master Austin’s “Aha!” Moment

Something happened to me in the dojo this week.

I had all my Youth students huddled up for the “mat chat“part of class and as I started speaking, I was flooded with one of the biggest and most beautiful “AHA” moments of my life, and I thought I’d share it…

“My job is not to add value to these kids’ lives,” I thought.

“Even if I came up with the greatest mat chat in the world, it would not be enough to add even an ounce of value to any one of them.”This was an amazing moment.

I was instantly freed from any pressure to deliver value, and instead free to see the value right in front of me.

Each one of my students is of infinitely value.

What an awesome thought.

I cannot add value to my students, but perhaps by seeing their value, and treating them as valuable, I can teach them to value themselves and to see the value in those around them as well.

When I got off of the mat, I felt like I had been blinded by a powerful light.  The value of each person that I looked at made it almost unbearable to look at them.

Over the last few days, the power of that moment has faded a bit, but through writing about it, I hope to hold on to a piece of that experience forever.


Thanks for reading,

Master Austin

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