Support for Mudslide & Fire Survivors

//Support for Mudslide & Fire Survivors

Support for Mudslide & Fire Survivors

The last few months have been very difficult for our community with the fire and mudslides. Together, we mourn for the lives and property that was lost, and our hearts go out to the affected families. Unfortunately, because of the road closures, many people’s jobs and businesses are in jeopardy. We’re not out of the woods yet.

It is clear from hearing stories from our own students and staff, that the MAFF family has the opportunity to do something positive. MAFF would like to help in 3 ways…

1) We are offering FREE fitness classes for ANYONE who has been displaced. For more details, email amanda(at)

2) We would like to do something special for ANY children affected. For details, please email austin(at)

3) If YOU have been affected by this tragedy (directly or indirectly) and have any concerns about your membership, please email us immediately: service(at)

We hope that MAFF continues to be a place where students can connect and network with each other. Please come train and celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Santa Barbara community.

Sending love & light,

The MAFF Staff

PS: We found a great Facebook group for any that would like to volunteer help: