testimonial-1“I just wanted to let you know what awesome instructors you have. Everyone ha been so helpful and encouraging.  A few words like “Good job today” really boost your morale and make you want to try even harder.”

– Cathy Mollkoy

testimonial-2“I’ve tried other workouts where there was nothing that kept me coming back, and I always left feeling discouraged.  But now at MAFF, I’m excited to come in and workout. I love it here!”

– Christie Fox

testimonial-3“I am so thankful to the wonderful instructors at MAFF for all that they teach my 7 year old son in the Dragons program. He’s not just learning great physical skills, but important character skills as well! It’s awesome how the things that we talk about at home get reinforced in the dojo.”

– Adrienne Rutland

“Signing up at MAFF was the best decision I’ve ever made, besides marrying my husband.  In nine weeks I have lost over 16 inches and 17 pounds of body fat! I have never felt stronger or more confident and fit. And ladies, I can fit into my skinny jeans again! If you want to change your mindset, challenge yourself, and lose weight at the same time, then join KUT at MAFF.

– Melissa Walker

“Being a busy college student, I lost focus of my exercise goals.  I felt flabby and out of shape. Now after having finished the 9-week KUT program, I have lost 5% body fat and have gained weight by building muscle! More importantly, I have regained my focus and plan to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle for the long-term.  Thanks KUT!”

– Todd Avellar

“As I continue to train at MAFF and as I continue to get older, I am amazed at what I am still able to do when practicing within my body’s physical abilities. The thing I love about Martial arts is that no matter what your age, you can always improve and learn. I never thought I would be testing for my Black Belt in my 50s!”

– Mike Altman

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